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Building a girl-powered future by preparing adolescent girls for the world of work

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Launch Girls enables adolescent girls to build
the critical professional and life skills necessary for successful futures. We create customized, girl-centered entrepreneurship programming that helps girls develop critical 21st-century professional skills, plans for their futures, and the confidence needed to succeed in life after school.


We believe that girls can lead, create, and drive change, and we are here to unlock that potential.

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Our Girl Boss program was adapted from entrepreneurship classes at the MIT Sloan School of Management. The program is based on research from the World Bank and World Economic Forum that identified critical skills sought after by employers as well as input from girls globally through a 14-country survey of over 500 girls.


The foundation of our programs is our Girl Boss Mindsets and Skills, 10 core entrepreneurial and work-readiness skills, which have been specifically identified to equip adolescent girls to take charge of their futures and successfully transition from school to work.

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Girl Boss Basic

Introductory program focused on building an entrepreneurial mindset by becoming the “CEO of You” and developing professional mindsets and skills for the future.

10 Weeks

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Girl Boss Professional

Advanced program focused on helping girls identify business solutions and develop a comprehensive business model canvas.

15 Weeks

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Girls Thrive

Multi-year intervention that helps girls
become leaders and change makers while also preparing them for the transition from school to work.

12 Hours + Girl Boss Club

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Girl Boss
Bootcamps and Workshop

Sessions of Girl Boss content that have been modularized to allow for greater content customization and implementation flexibility. 

5.5 Days

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Girl Boss Clubs

Continued learning opportunities run by alumni that allows girls to gather and support each other in their life after Girl Boss programming.

1–2 Hours monthly

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Hear our stories

”After completing the Girl Boss Program and going through the money matters section, I realized the importance of a girl being financially independent. That led me to ideate a business that rears Chickens to hatch eggs that I sell.”

15 years old, Rwanda 


”The [Girl Boss] program gave me an opportunity to explore and learn about myself and immensely improved my skills of being a keen observer and my ability to question things at every stage- all of which have been helpful for my personal and professional life.”

Prashamsa Narayanadas
21 years old, India

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our team

We're a global team of gender, youth, and entrepreneurship programming experts who are passionate about unlocking the potential of adolescent girls. Our core team develops programmes and builds capacity with local partners who bring Girl Boss to girls around the world.


Averil Spencer

Founder and CEO
Massachusetts, USA

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Neha Sahu

Chief Operating Officer
Goa, India

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Agata Rutkowska-Mandava

Chief Program Officer
Karnataka, India

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Arti Nair

Curriculum Director
Delhi, India

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Samantha Wamani Rolfe

Remote Partner Manager
Nairobi, Kenya

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Nandita Kannan

Curriculum Consultant
Karnataka, India

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How we Work

Launch Girls partners with local organizations across Southeast Asia and Africa who are working closely with adolescent girls ages 12-24. We provide partners with comprehensive tools, including curriculum, training, technology, and facilitator's guides to successfully deliver programming and maximize impact.






Launch futures
with us

Hear from our partners

“The Girl Boss program has been a privilege for me. I say that because I get to have a front row seat in how this program has literally changed the lives of the girls that I serve”

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Blessing Bassey-Archibong
Girl Boss Advisor and Partner, Nigeria Reads, Nigeria

Our Partners

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