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We're a global team of gender, youth, and entrepreneurship programming experts who are passionate about unlocking the potential of adolescent girls. Our core team develops programs and builds capacity with local partners who bring Girl Boss to girls around the world.


Averil Spencer

Founder and CEO
Massachusetts, USA

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Neha Sahu

Co–Founder and COO
Goa, India

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Agata Rutkowska-Mandava

Chief Program Officer
Karnataka, India

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Arti Nair

Program Director
Delhi, India

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Samantha Wamani Rolfe

Remote Partner Manager
Nairobi, Kenya

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Nandita Kannan

Curriculum Consultant
Karnataka, India

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Jyoti Jangir

Program Manager

Karnataka, India

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Board of Directors

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Kylie Schuyler

Founder and Board Chair of Global Glow Superfoods - Advisory Board / Founder and CEO of California Bliss

Kylie Schuyler is the Founder and Executive Chair of Global G.L.O.W., which works with girls and communities to develop unique programs that address the most critical barriers affecting girls globally. Kylie is also the CEO and Founder of g.l.o.w. Superfoods and California Bliss, social enterprise brands. Kylie serves on nonprofit boards in the U.S. and Asia that focus on women, gender equality, children’s education, and well-being. Kylie holds a Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology with an emphasis on Positive Psychology from Phillips Graduate University and American Graduate University.

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Deborah Jackson

Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Plum Alley

Deborah Jackson is the founder and CEO of Plum Alley Investments, an early-stage venture firm that backs STEM companies with at least one female founder. She is changing the field of venture capital by bringing new perspectives and resources to solve the most important human and planetary challenges. She started her career on Wall Street and has an MBA from Columbia Business School. She is a board member and advisor to several companies, a member of Fortune's CEO Initiative, and was recognized on Forbes 50 over 50 list.

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Barbara Herz

Author, International development professional

Barbara Herz has worked on and written about girls’ education, health, and women’s opportunities for over forty years. She headed the US Agency for International Development Division responsible for policy in education, health, and population and worked at the World Bank, where she launched the Women in Development Division. She later served as senior adviser for social sectors to Treasury Secretary Lawrence Summers. She co-authored What Works in Girls’ Education. She holds a BA from Wellesley and a PhD from Yale and is a member of the Council on Foreign Relations.


Advisory Board

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Helvecia Takwe Embola


Coordinator, World Economic Skills and Development / Founder and CEO Classic Water Supply / Girl Boss Advisor

Helvecia Takwe Embola is the Coordinator of World Economic Skills and Development (WESAD) and the Founder and CEO of Classic Water Supply, a social enterprise solving the water crisis in her community. Helvecia has been a Girl Boss Advisor since 2020, and the program also inspired her to launch her own business. Helvecia holds a bachelor’s degree in education, a diploma as a Certified Professional Accountant, an MBA, Evidence Based Policy Research Methods Certificate in Innovation and Entrepreneurship, and is currently a Ph.D fellow at St. Clement University Switzerland.

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Ndangamira Modeste


Programs and Partnerships Manager,
She Honed for Excellence

Ndangamira Modeste is the Programs and Partnerships Manager at She Honed for Excellence (SHE). His professional engagements include leading and devising learning programs, innovations and implementation, systems management and overseeing the program's monitoring and evaluation commitments. He has experience structuring organizations from the ground up, including recruiting and training mentors, leading teams, and measuring for impact. He has a Bachelor's degree in Global Challenges, with a focus on Education Leadership and Research, the Science of Teaching and Learning, Curriculum Development, and Assessment at the African Leadership University

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C. Shirley Madhuvanthi


English Lecturer, Telangana Social Welfare Residential Degree College for Women

C. Shirley Madhuvanthi is an English lecturer at the Telangana Social Welfare Residential Degree Colleges for women. Her robust experience includes offering career counseling and personality development classes for graduate-level students with a special focus on mental health and self-confidence. Shirley holds an MA in English from Siddhartha Degree and PG College, Kakatiya University, as well as a Bachelor of Business Management from Bharathi Degree College, Kakatiya University. She is currently pursuing a Masters in Psychology from IGNOU.

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Susan Tusabe


Founding Director, Art of a Child

Susan Tusabe is a Social Entrepreneur and youth mentor who has worked extensively in underserved communities across Uganda. Her experiences and passion led her to found Art of a Child, a non-profit existing to unlock children's potential through modern literacy skills and arts education. She leverages her personal competencies and professional experience from both the public and private sectors to make young people's lives better. Susan holds a bachelor's degree in Business Administration with a concentration in Finance.

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Saraswati Chandra


Co-founder Crandberry.Fit / EdTech and FemTech Digital Advisor

Saraswati Chandra is serial entrepreneur and digital product leader in the edtech and femtech space. She has over ten years of experience and a proven track of building and scaling digital products from the ground up across Tier 1 and Tier 2 cities in over 15 states in India. In Ed-Tech, Saraswati scaled and exited a high impact and profitable social venture. Saraswati is currently working on her next venture, Cranberry.Fit, a mobile app and platform in women's health. She is an alumnus of IIT Kharagpur.

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Jessica Scadron


Vice President of social impact strategy and communications

Jessica Scadron is a Vice President of social impact strategy and communications. She has shaped strategic programs and partnerships that have empowered stakeholders to deliver on ambitious social impact goals across the microfinance, technology and pharmaceutical sectors. Jessica has subject matter expertise in digital and financial inclusion, women’s empowerment, food and water security, and anti-human trafficking. Jessica holds a BA in international relations from University of Delaware, is certified in human-centered design by IDEO and Acumen, and completed the Resmaa Menakem/Education for Racial Equity anti-racist program.

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